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Match Your Look with Luxury Height Increasing Shoes

elevator shoes, full grain Italian leather, fashion forward footwear

For the poor souls that want to increase their height and suffer with cheap, mass produced 'lift shoes', life is one compromise after another. The shoes don't exactly match (much less enhance) the clothes they wear; they fall apart after a few months; they're uncomfortable to wear, and they often look like what they are: 'elevator shoes'.

Now, imagine shoes that are actually first quality footwear, designed with fashion and comfort in mind, that also happen to be height increasing shoes. The shoes are made of full grain Italian leather and other first quality materials, the styling is superb and the look is handmade elegance. Oh, and there's outstanding 21st Century lift technology that discreetly increases the height of the wearer. That's worth imagining.

That's also what spurred the development of the shoes you find at Founded with the intention of creating fashion forward footwear that increases height and flatters the wearer's overall look, these shoes are simply the best choice for the discerning fashionista, who knows that Tall Is The New Black.

You may already know that simply stuffing shoe lifts into regular shoes can be an uncomfortable experience. The top of your foot gets pressed against the upper of the shoe, making you loosen the laces and retying the shoe in a way that looks awkward. Yes, the shoes are fine to look at, but they have the appearance of being a misfit, for your feet.

You need to experience the benefits of luxury footwear that is designed to be comfortable, fashionable and discreetly enhances your height. There's no substitute for that kind of craftsmanship, combined with fashion sense. You deserve the best – now you can get it for your wardrobe, your height and your confidence.