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Best Practices and Pitfalls for Looking Taller

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Tall Is the New Black. However, not everybody is blessed with a tall frame. Here are a few ideas for you to apply if you wish to appear taller, discreetly and with style (and what to avoid).

First, know that sitting and standing up straight, staying slim and getting regular exercise (including stretching) will enhance whatever stature you have now. Pills, surgery and the like can be dangerous, bad for your health and may not actually help you appear to be any taller than you are now.

Next, there are a few basic ideas when it comes to what you wear that will enhance your height. Vertical stripes, small patterns and solid colors are a better choice in fabrics for you. The same goes for narrow belts and ties for men. Avoid low rise waistlines in pants and skirts. Natural and high rise waistlines will enhance the length of your legs.

Brightly colored accessories can be worn high up (bright pocket squares and ties for men, necklaces and earrings for women) that will draw the eye up, enhancing your stature. Stay away from baggy clothing, shorts and short sleeved shirts, which can accentuate a short stature.

Men can give a lift to themselves by trying a spiky hairdo. Women should consider short hair, ponytails, buns and the like for using their hair as an eye-catcher, rather than emphasizing a lack of height.

The idea here is to emphasize a narrow, vertical look overall. The less you call attention to your legs or your overall shape, the better. Horizontal stripes, large patterns and sharply contrasting color choices are best avoided altogether. The same goes for large bags for women and bulky backpacks for men.

Best of all is to wear height enhancing shoes that discreetly increase your apparent stature. Handmade, Italian leather shoes with 21st Century lift technology will do the trick nicely. After all, nobody would suspect that luxury shoes are actually elevator shoes!