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Going for Broke – All in with 5 inch Boots

5 inch boots, tall shoes, bespoke shoes, custom made footwear, elevator shoes

When it's time to play, that's the time to maximize your stature. Going casual means having fun. What's fun may be different for each person, but when it comes to making a statement with your look, standing tall is always correct. It's just that you can stand even taller at play than you may be able to 'get away with' at work.

Think about it: if you dress conservatively at work, you may not be able to get away with loud colors or cutting edge fashions. It's the same when it comes to footwear, when you want to increase your height. Wear your conservative brogues with your suit, not Cuban heeled boots.

However, when it's time to cut loose, evenings and weekends, go for as much lift as you can stand (literally and figuratively). Now is the time to indulge in 5 inch boots, that prove that Tall Is the New Black. Get yourself some cutting-edge styles that boost your total appearance, along with your height. Custom made footwear, that is specifically made for 21st Century lift technology, is the best way to go.

A pair of bespoke shoes or boots that lift you above the crowd can be a real boost to your confidence. GuidoMaggi Luxury Shoes give you that confidence. That's because each and every pair is made by hand, by craftsmen who know how to create elegant footwear from top quality leathers and premium materials.

Luxury footwear is an investment. It's an investment in your overall appearance, your confidence, your success, and your happiness. Those who stand tall tend to succeed. If you want success in elevating your leisure time, try 5 inch boots. Go all in. Give yourself the gift of maximum lift, when it really matters – when you're having fun.