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Tom Cruise and Big Women

Tom Cruise elevator shoes, Tom Cruise height increasing shoes, Tom cruise tall shoes

You'd think that Tom Cruise, a guy who's barely taller than Napoleon was (5'7” vs. Napoleon, who was 5'6”) would go out of his way to find petite partners. Not him! Nicole Kidman is 5'11”, Katie Holmes is 5'9”, and many of his female costars stand taller than him, all other things being equal. But that's just it: he gets help from massive confidence, bespoke elevator shoes and wardrobe choices that help camouflage the discrepancy.

“When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” When in public, guys who are short and successful usually do the same things: they make the most of what height they have and don't worry about it. The same can go for you, if you're not as tall as you wish to be. Confidence doesn't cost one cent. Smart wardrobe choices will emphasize a vertical line that doesn't call attention to your height. Investing in custom made elevator shoes rounds out the steps you can take to increase your stature.

Before you invest in a wardrobe makeover (if you need it), take some time to ponder the most important 'makeover' step: your attitude about yourself and what you think about yourself. Instead of imagining all kinds of awful consequences if you were to try to get up close and personal with a woman who's taller than you, think about whether she's worthy of your time and attention. Sure, she's tall, but does she measure up as a person?

In other words, put your focus on her, not your height. After all, once you two become a couple, your height differences, whatever they may be, won't count as much as whether you are a good fit as people, not measuring sticks.