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21st Century Elevator Shoes – Fashionable, Discreet, and Handmade

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Elevator shoes got a bad reputation, back in the 20th Century. Frankly, most of them deserved it. Because of mass production (and mass marketing), there was no economic incentive to produce really good shoes that solved the problem of how to increase your height. Instead, regular shoes that were not designed for having lift inserts stuffed inside were passed off as the best solution to the question, 'how to gain height?'

Thankfully, the Internet changed all that. What was formerly too small a market for an artisanal business to service is now growing by leaps and bounds. A simple business in Italy can now reach out globally, and deliver uncompromising elegance to those who wish to increase their height. GuidoMaggi Luxury Shoes does all that, and more. By taking a careful look at shoe design, elevator loafers and sandals are now a reality. By offering bespoke styling, exotic leather choices, and individual modifications for customers with special needs , this company is an outstanding example of success in a small niche, with worldwide reach.

In fact, since Tall Is the New Black, even relatively tall people are opting for tall shoes. Not just any shoes: elegant, handmade footwear that is the best in the World, crafted in Italy, and created with an eye to fashion. Whether you are on the cutting edge of seasonal fashion, or are just looking for an edge in your career, selecting the best footwear is vital. That part is easy – go with GuidoMaggi. Then, get in touch with the source and have your footwear made to order, so that you get exactly what you want, the way you want it. Discuss your needs and find out which styles, leathers, amount of lift, and any other considerations that you want with those who can satisfy you.