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Vibram Soles for Winter, at No Extra Charge!

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Cold weather is coming, along with the icy sidewalks and slippery floors that accompany this time of year. For the unwary, a slip and fall is just waiting to happen. Now, if you're wearing shoes that make you taller, chances are you don't have the right soles for this time of year. Regular leather outsoles, and even 'non-slip' outsoles can't stand up to slick surfaces with reliability.

Galoshes, overshoes, Wellington boots, and the like, can give you better traction, but don't exactly make a fashion statement. Plus, you may have to carry your regular shoes in a bag, which can be cumbersome. For the man who's looking to increase his height, these choices may be a deal-killer, unless he wears boots with a raised heel. Even then, the question of comfort and fashion can preclude using this workaround.

Fortunately, GuidoMaggi Luxury Shoes offers a better alternative: Vibram soles, with a studded outsole that gives you the best traction on slick surfaces. These special outsoles can be added to any round toe cap style of shoe or boot you may choose. Best of all, there's no extra charge for this modification. All you have to do is mention you want Vibram soles when you order your footwear.

The benefits to you, when you wear Vibram soles, are discretion, fashion, and traction. Discretion, because Vibram soles aren't like 'commando' style soles, which look like waffle stompers. Fashion, because they look like regular soles until someone sees the bottom of the shoe. Traction, because Vibram is proven technology: this studded outsole works very well. The only limitation is that square toe cap styles can't get Vibram outsoles. Check out the entire line of GuidoMaggi Luxury Shoes, and select the round toe cap styles you want, made with Vibram outsoles!