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Elevator Boots, for Discreet Height Increase

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If you're wondering how to get away with increasing your height via footwear, try boots! Even without trying, some styles of boots offer an augmented heel that was intended for practical purposes, and have become fashion icons. Chelsea boots, Beatle boots (a modified Chelsea style), cowboy boots, and Cuban heels have all become part of mainstream fashion. What's even better is when these (and other) styles of boots have 21st Century lift technology included in the design, from the very beginning.

That's what GuidoMaggi does every day – create bespoke footwear, designed from the ground up, to include comfortable, long-lasting footwear that makes you taller. Boots can give you a good start in finding the right fit for most of your wardrobe choices, along with gaining height discreetly, and flattering your wardrobe choices. You're not stuck with only the obvious types of boots that have a taller heel. Even the most elevating of boots can still be discreet in their increase of your stature. That's because high-fashion footwear, made with the most luxurious leathers, doesn't give the impression that there's a hidden benefit in the insole: superior lifts that last all day, in comfort.

Except for very conservative business dress (and running around at the beach), boots can fit into practically every wardrobe choice you may want to make. The benefit here is that the choice of a boot, per se, isn't seen as a choice that's only for answering the question 'how to gain height?' Boots are here to stay. Your choice, right now, is to reach out to the finest maker of such footwear and ordering what you really want. Then, reap the benefits of wearing the finest boots you can get, that also discreetly increase your height, over and above what the heels might deliver!