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Accessories That Match Your Elevator Shoes

tall shoes for men, bespoke leather belts, custom made Italian leather

Luxury apparel requires some thought. If you're dressing to impress, each and every style choice has to fit in with the desired overall look. One overlooked element of style is accessories, especially when it comes to crafting an impeccable appearance. Many men are a bit clueless when it comes to such fine points. They pick just the right shirt, pants, even elevator shoes, but fail when it comes to finishing the look.

If you have chosen to invest in truly luxurious height increasing shoes, especially if you've chosen bespoke footwear, you need to think about harmonizing your overall look. The right belt will do just that. While it isn't necessary to have a belt that matches, exactly, the leather and finish of your shoes, having the option to do so may give you that final touch of elegance you desire.

The trick is to find a source that will be willing to create exactly what you need. If you can reach out to someone who will take the time to understand your needs, and guide you in the process of creating a look that will not only harmonize, but emphasize your unique taste.

Having a matching belt to your bespoke height increasing shoes will also deliver a hidden benefit: discretion. No one will suspect that something as luxurious as that would come from a source that provides tall shoes for men. 'Lift shoes' are usually cheap imports, made from existing shoes that have lifts stuffed inside, as an afterthought. Handmade, bespoke elevator footwear has the benefit of discreetly increasing one's height, since the design and creation of such footwear comes from the ground up, literally. Adding a matching belt simply adds to that effect, and increases your stature in a way mere shoes cannot.