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Clothes Make the Man – and Accessories Make the Wardrobe

men's accessories, belts, shoes, jewelry, luxury, Italian leather

When you look over your wardrobe, do you really see everything? Shirts, shoes, pants, jackets and the like are just part of the picture. How you accessorize your look can make or break you!

Just like your shoes can make the difference between exactly the right look and MAJOR FAIL, the wrong accessory can detract from your overall look. Cheap belts, gaudy jewelry and other fashion mistakes will ruin what started out to be a great outfit. If you're fashion-conscious, be fully fashion-conscious.

Now may be the time for you to go over all the accessories you have and decide if they still fit your current look. You may have been a rebel, but now you're in a more conservative way of expressing yourself. It might be time to put those silver skull cufflinks in the back of the drawer. On the other hand, if you were fairly conservative (or fashion-unconscious), but now want to be cutting edge and a bit rebellious, silver skull cufflinks and belt buckles might be just the thing.

The key here is to 'typecast' yourself. Putting your personality into a fairly tight framework will make it easy and effortless for you to decide what works and what doesn't. Vague thinking and impulsive choices make for an unfocused look, which probably won't work for you.

Let your fashion choices reflect your personality, not just the latest fads. Don't be a victim of following the crowd: you can lead, rather than follow, if you make the right choices.