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Elevator Shoes and Boots Made from Exotic Leathers

luxury elevator shoes, bespoke shoes, handmade elevator shoes, baby alligator leather shoes, Cape Town, Johannesburg

Cheapest is not always best. If you're in the market for elevator shoes, you already know this. The cheap Asian imports that flood the footwear market are living proof that junk can sell, but it won't last. Even more importantly, if you're fashion-conscious, you've seen how clunky and out-of-style they can be. What if there was a way to get handmade, bespoke shoes and boots that had a discreet lift to them? Not already-made footwear, with lifts inserted as an afterthought, but genuinely luxurious styles and leathers? Wonder no more!

GuidoMaggi Luxury Shoes understands your desire to get an increase in stature, without sacrificing looks and comfort. In fact, they are willing to go a step further, and offer you luxurious Exotic Leather footwear that also increases your height. For example, you can order genuine Baby Alligator leather footwear, made from whole skins (not bits and pieces from different hides), and custom made for your particular requirements. You can also find exotic Python leather, along with hand-painted full grain Italian leather footwear. These leathers are premium, first quality whole skins, not inferior skins that need to be combined with other skins to make a shoe or boot. Naturally, such footwear commands a premium price. You can be sure that each and every pair of GuidoMaggi Luxury Shoes you order will be worth more than the price, no matter which style or leather you order. That's because this is the only source for top quality footwear that subtly increases your height, and flatters your wardrobe. Feel free to check out the Hand Painted Collection, and Exotic Leather Shoes for more information on ordering your custom made footwear.