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Luxury Elevator Shoes: What's New, What's Hot, What Works in 2014

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You'll find a wealth of new ideas, fashion firsts and stunning styles from GuidoMaggi Luxury Shoes. That's because innovation and fashion-forward thinking are an integral part of the mission to bring the best elevator shoes for you right into your home.

The Summer 2014 Collection features new looks, fashion accents and even comfy styles for Women. Check out the new sneakers, color-accented soles, silvery finished footwear and more. Each of the new styles represents the latest looks from this past Fashion Week, improvements to old standards and an innovative approach to improving your look and wardrobe.

You'll also find some 'firsts': 5 inch boots, made for comfort and stability and loafers (which nobody said could be done, but work beautifully) which deliver discreet height enhancement while looking casual and feeling comfortable.

Add to that two superb new looks: burnished cognac leather in both a shoe and boot style that looks terrific with jeans, along with a brogue style that sports a fringed look in silvery leather. Both of these fashion forward offerings are just the right accent for the fashionista who knows the value of fine Italian leather sculpted into footwear that flatters both height and wardrobe.

The latest offering is like no other – literally. Imagine hand painted, full grain Italian leather that's fashioned into footwear by Italian artisans. Now picture the perfect boot, with available lift from 2.4 inches (6cm), 2.75inches(7cm), 3.1inches(8cm) or 4 inches(10cm) that will make your look unique, flattering and increase your height. That's the promise that the Hand Painted collection will deliver, beginning with the Van Gogh boots.

You need to check out all the new styles and colors for 2014. If you're new to GuidoMaggi Luxury Shoes, take all the time you need to peruse the complete line of footwear that gives you a discreet lift to your height and a major boost to your look that can only come from handmade, Italian footwear, shipped directly to your home.