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More Than Elevator Shoes: Head to Toe Fashion for Evening

elevator shoes, height increasing shoes, evening wear, fashion fundamentals

If you're looking to hit the right note in evening wear, especially if you're not as tall as you wish to be, you have to do more than just throw on any elevator shoes, jacket and tie. From head to toe, you must optimize your look to enhance both your stature and general appearance. While you may not have the endless possibilities that women have to accessorize and and enhance their appearance, there are a few things you can do to maximize your look, stature and fashionista flair. Here are a few tips:

Well Groomed Facial Hair

Don't think you can just skip shaving and sport 'designer stubble'. That look takes careful management and upkeep. Make sure your sideburns, mustache, and beard are symmetrical and neat. If you normally have a clean shaven look, make sure you 'shape' your designer stubble on your cheeks to emphasize facial symmetry. An unruly growth of facial hair isn't fashionable – it's unflattering.

Classic Jacket, Skinny Tie, and Matching Pants

To enhance your stature, go with a monochrome single-breasted jacket and slim tie, which will emphasize a long, upright line to your look. Stay away from patterned jackets and wide ties, which will detract from your stature. Your choice of slacks will make or break this look. Avoid color contrasts and patterns, which will break up the long, vertical line you wish to project. When in doubt, wear a suit.

Wear Discreet, Height Increasing Shoes

This is the easiest part of the look: buy and wear elevator shoes that don't look like cheap 'lift shoes'. Go with a classic Brogue, Double Monk Strap or Oxford style shoe that matches or compliments the color selection of your outfit. First quality, handmade Italian leather shoes, with 21st Century lift technology inside will fill the bill nicely.