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Nicole Kidman Stands Taller Than Her Men

elevator shoes, celeb heights, Tom Cruise, Keith Urban, height increasing shoes

You may not be in the public eye, as you think about buying GuidoMaggi Luxury elevator shoes. For tall women, like Nicole Kidman, being 5'11” can make for Red Carpet challenges that mere mortals may not have to face. With the eyes of the World (and cameras of the paparazzi) focused on you, it might be disconcerting to have your male partner looking up to you – literally.

Her current husband, Keith Urban, is 5'10”. That's not much of a difference, you say? How about when she dons her high heels? Four inch heels makes her tower over him, as you can see from the pictures of the two of them at movie premieres, award ceremonies and the like.

Her previous husband, Tom Cruise, stands 5'7” in his stocking feet. Is it any wonder he tried to elevate his stature by wearing footwear that increased his height?

Nicole is an exceptional woman. She's an accomplished actress, a philanthropist, and has firm opinions about what matters to her in life. Celebrity has made her a public personality. Therefore, she can flout conventions, like being taller than the men in her life, without feeling like she's missing out on something important.

The fact is, many women want a mate that is taller than her own height. It's an emotional and aesthetic desire on her part. She wants to wear her high heels, and still be looking up into his eyes when she does.

For those of you that don't aspire to fame and Red Carpet moments, you might think about what will work best for you, as far as women are concerned. One thing they really want is a man they can look up to, physically, as well as spiritually. Want to get her into the spirit? Put on a pair of GuidoMaggi height increasing shoes – and watch her eyes light up!