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No Matter What You Wear, Your 'After' Will Be Better

height increasing shoes, tall shoes, elevator shoes

You may have a fabulous wardrobe, with the best of practically everything in it. However, your shoes let you down. That is, they don't lift you up the way you want. That's because all the 'lift shoes' you've seen were second rate, looks-wise. Sure, they can increase your height, but they decrease your appearance simply because they're cheap looking shoes. To make matters worse, the selection of styles available don't include the particular needs of your wardrobe. Despite the promises of the Before and After pictures, you know these shoes won't make you a better 'After'.

Now, imagine owning shoes that not only increase your height, but make you look even better, because they're superb, Italian leather shoes that are handmade (and look it). Then imagine finding styles and color accents that are perfect for every wardrobe choice you might make. Dress for business, dress down for casual, elegant for formal wear, total street grunge for when it's time to go wild: you find exactly the right shoes to match the look.

Best of all, these height increasing shoes do so comfortably and discreetly. They don't give away their 'hidden' benefit, because they're made, from the ground up, with high tech height increase that is the heart of their design. Instead of mass-produced junk, with shoe lifts added as an afterthought, these shoes are handmade by artisans who know how to make the best shoes in the World.

Perhaps it's time for you to go to your best possible 'After'. GuidoMaggi Luxury Shoes are made for the discriminating, fashion conscious men and women who want to increase their height without sacrificing style, comfort and detracting from their wardrobe. Instead of wasting money on 'lift shoes' that fall apart after a few months and look cheap, invest in shoes that will bring you a positive return: confidence, height increase, comfort, style, and compliments.