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Trendy vs. Conservative? It Depends on the Venue

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The needs of the fashionista might be very different from the conservative businessman, when it comes to footwear. However, there may be times when both need the same thing. For example, the fashionista may need a pair of formal shoes in black patent leather, even though his tuxedo may have accents or styling that is far removed from a basic, 'exclusive of ornamentation' model. In the same fashion, a button-down executive may have need of a pair of a rather flamboyant pair of sneakers that match a casual outfit for a day away from work.

The point here is flexibility. Your look will depend on the venue. Your thinking needs to be as adaptable as is called for by the occasion. Just as you won't probably show up for a tennis match wearing wingtips, you won't want to be caught dead in a board meeting wearing cutting edge sneakers. Expand your view of what works with your apparel. Think in terms of how you can discreetly increase your height. If the shoes themselves call attention to your fashion sense, they may just hide the fact that they are also tall shoes.

There's another step you can take to attain the right look: get help from a source that will make your shoes from scratch, and give you the benefit of bespoke footwear. You may see a style that almost does what you want it to do. By getting just the right leather, accent, and whatever else you may desire included in the final product, you can take what looks close to perfection to perfect for you. GuidoMaggi Luxury Shoes is ready, willing, and able to do all that for you.